Maruti Swift Diesel Price

Maruti Swift diesel hottest selling car in India offers great mileage and performance in its class. Maruti swift diesel waiting time still around 2- 3 months depend upon your location.
Maruti Swift Diesel

Maruti swift diesel is available in 2 variants

  • LDI – Base Model
  • VDI – Power Windows, Front fog lamps and Optional ABS

Swift Diesel DDiS Engine

Swift Diesel Engine DDis

Maruti Swift Diesel Colour Options:

Swift Diesel Colour Options

Swift Diesel Features:

Maruti Swift Diesel LDI VDI Features
Maruti Swift Featrures

Maruti Swift Diesel Price in Delhi

  • Maruti Swift LDI – Rs. 5,27,162/-
  • Maruti Swift VDI – Rs. 5,70,661/-
  • Maruti Swift ZDI – Rs. 6,47,903/-

Maruti Swift Diesel Price in Mumbai

  • Maruti Swift LDI – Rs. 5,36,877/-
  • Maruti Swift VDI – Rs. 5,91,742/-
  • Maruti Swift ZDI – Rs. 6,72,916/-

Maruti Swift Diesel Price in Pune

  • Maruti Swift LDI – Rs. 5,32,090/-
  • Maruti Swift VDI – Rs. 5,75,746/-
  • Maruti Swift ZDI – Rs. 6,54,707/-

Maruti Swift Diesel Price in Hyderabad

  • Maruti Swift LDI – Rs. 5,38,390/-
  • Maruti Swift VDI – Rs. 5,82,680/-
  • Maruti Swift VDI – Rs. 6,61,371/-

Maruti Swift Diesel Price in Bangalore

  • Maruti Swift LDI – Rs. 5,26,950/-
  • Maruti Swift VDI – Rs. 5,76,557/-
  • Maruti Swift ZDI – Rs. 6,58,265/-

Maruti Swift Diesel Price in Chennai

  • Maruti Swift LDI – Rs. 5,35,698/-
  • Maruti Swift VDI – Rs. 5,79,871/-
  • Maruti Swift ZDI – Rs. 6,58,562/-

Maruti Swift Diesel Price in Kolkata

  • Maruti Swift LDI – Rs. 5,34,386/-
  • Maruti Swift VDI – Rs. 5,78,289/-
  • Maruti Swift ZDI – Rs. 6,56,293/-

33 Responses

  1. Saurabh Bhardwaj

    my dad just bought a maruti suzuki swift LDI today, but i always insisted VDI. and guys i just compared LDI VS VDI. i mean my dad just choose the wrong one, really not kidding guys, yes there is a difference of almost 45000-50000, but guys swift VDI just ROCKS, and i will suggest u all to take VDI.

  2. Yogesh D. Harde

    i am deaf & dumb.

    please message me. M # 09890373359 (sms only)

    sweet dream hundai or maruti car.

    i buy (concession) a new car diesel.

  3. muraly

    i think it most beautiful car in India. i want to buy a Swift VDI but now no chance for that

  4. amol

    i heard somewhere that engine of the swift will not manufactured by fiat , is it true??

  5. preetham

    Swift VDI is th best in small cars…
    swift diesel is only car of its kind which comes wit turbo charger.
    i bought a swift recently. spent 87,000 on music system & 67,000 on alloys.. planing 2 upgrade wit angel eyes..

  6. senthil ganesh.A

    swift is my dream car .. i will buy it surely .. but i dont know when my dream will become true …. hope it will be soon … amazing car friends .. buy it and gear up dudes…………………………….

  7. Hemant

    I hav just bought 2 swift cars both ldi and vdi both are rocking .

  8. Tushar

    I want to know which of the swift model is best for village rodes is it LDI or VDI which one is more preferable ?

  9. ashish kachhap

    i really love swift vdi if you r thinking for buying …….just do it guy because it is best among all small just rush for it…..

  10. Mayuk jain

    i want to purchage used maruti swift car so please advice about the sources

  11. yaseen

    which car best in the followingsSwift LXI A star LXI Rits LXI or Ford Ikon flair


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