20 inch LCD Monitor Price

20 inch LCD Monitor Prices – All price are in Indian Rupee
20 inch LCD Monitor brings widescreen displays with high 1680×1050 resolution for brilliant HD visuals. It delivers very good clarity, perfect colours with 20000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and fast video response time (upto 2ms). Work with larger spreadsheets easily, increase productivity with the ability to View 2 or 3 documents side by side or work with multiple applications simultaneously.

  • Dell SE2008WFP 20″ LCD Monitor – 14700/-
  • Samsung 2043nwx 20″ LCD Monitor – 12300/-
  • Viewsonic 2030WM 20″ LCD Monitor – 15000/-
  • LG L204WT 20″ LCD Monitor – 13,000/-

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  1. vikrant

    I want to puchase 17″ LCD monitor, Which brand is best for me? plz teel me.


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