ATI Radeon HD 5450 Price – Cheapest DirectX 11 Graphics Card

ATI Radeon HD 5450 Graphics Card features:

  • Experience Gaming and HD playback @ cheap price
  • ATI Eyefinity multi-display technology
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Single slot fan-cooled
  • Support HDMI 1.3a with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio

ATI Radeon HD 5450

ATI Radeon HD 5450 Graphics Technical Specification:

  • 292 million 40nm transistors
  • 80 Stream Processing Units
  • 8 Texture Units
  • 16 Z/Stencil ROP Units
  • 4 Color ROP Units
  • Clock speed: 650MHz
  • Processing power: 104 GigaFLOPS
  • Memory clock speed: 400 MHz DDR2 and up to 800 MHz DDR3
  • Memory data rate: 0.8 Gbps DDR2 and up to 1.6 Gbps DDR3
  • Memory bandwidth: 6.4 GB/sec (DDR2) and up to 12.8 GB/sec (DDR3)
  • Typical power Consumption: 19.1Watts
  • Idle power: 6.4Watts

ATI Radeon HD 5450 Price in India: Approx 3k ~ 3.5k Indian Rupee (INR)

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  1. aybee

    i must say dis site is awesome…d quoted prices r nearly same as d prevailing street prices….it can help u get d best bang for buck!!

  2. Ankit

    no it does not require a power supply. even hd 5670 doesnt require an external power supply


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