Dell LCD Monitors Price List

Dell LCD Monitor
Latest Dell LCD Monitors Price in India – October 2008

Dell 19 inch Lcd Monitor India Price List – Dell 19 inch LCD monitors perfect for normal day to day work and office productivity like excel sheet, email, word document editing, internet browsing etc…

  • Dell 1908WFP 19″ LCD Monitor – Rs. 12,800/-
  • Dell 1908FP 19″ LCD Monitor – Rs. 15,300/-
  • Dell SE1908WFP 19″ LCD Monitor – Rs. 9,700/-
  • Dell E198WFP 19″ LCD Monitor – Rs. 11,300/-

Dell 20 inch Lcd Monitor Price List – Dell 20 inch LCD monitors offers economical wide screen experience for movies and gaming

  • Dell E207WFP 20″ LCD Monitor – Rs. 12,492/-
  • Dell 2009W  20″ LCD Monitor – Rs. 15,000/-
  • Dell 2007FP 20″ LCD Monitor – Rs. 20,692/-
  • Dell SP2008WFP 20″ LCD Monitor – Rs. 13,800/-

Dell 22 inch Lcd Monitor Price List – 22 inch Dell LCD monitors with resolution (1680×1050) with DVI connectivity gives you ample working space for multiple works like email checking, document editing and browsing all at the same time

  • Dell E228WFP 22″ LCD Monitor – Rs. 14,478/-
  • Dell SP2208WFP 22″ LCD Monitor – Rs. 16,500/-

Dell 24 inch Lcd Monitor Price List – 24 inch Dell LCD monitors with resolution (1900×1200) and perfect for hi-definition movies, gaming and graphic intensive work.

  • Dell E248WFP 24″ LCD Monitor – Rs. 21,107/-
  • Dell 2408WFP 24″ LCD Monitor – Rs. 49,573/-

11 Responses

  1. Pankaj

    I have a budget of Rs. 40,000 for a PC. Please suggest me a good configuration….(Prefer 22″ LCD, Q6600 2.4 ghz, asus board,8600 GT Graphix card,creative 5.1 speakers,2 GB DDR2 RAM)

  2. Madhav

    Please let me know about the price of 19 inch and 20 inch LCD monitor. If ordered , will it be home delivered ? what is the lead time ?


    Please mail me the price list and features of LCD Monitors from Dell, Samsung, LG and Sony. Thank you…

  4. subodh sumant

    I have budget of 10,000/- Rs. for LCD Monitor. Pls give me price list. & in lieu of my old 17″ samsung color Monitor (Black Model) & External Typhoon TV Tunner Card.

  5. Ravindra

    plz. send Price list of 22” and 24” widescreen dell and HP LCD Monitors.

  6. raj

    i want to know the fueteres of dell and viewsonic,and which is better to buy.i have budget of 25000,suggest me a better pc with good configaration

  7. jenthik

    i wants to buy a 30 inch lcd monitor’ pls give me the qoute for DEL’ LG. shall i use this monitor as a tv ? pls clarify.


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