Intel Original Motherboard Price List

Intel Original Motherboard Price list in India: Intel Offers quality, reliability and support with the full spectrum of motherboards for desktop computers, server and workstation. The Intel platform also delivers extreme performance for multi-core enabled game titles, particularly in a multi-tasking environment where simultaneous applications need maximum processing power.

  • Intel D945GCPE Motherboard – 2700/-
  • Intel D945GCNL Motherboard – 3500/-
  • Intel DG31PR Motherboard – 3400/-
  • Intel DG33TL Motherboard – 4950/-
  • Intel DG33FB Motherboard – 4900/-
  • Intel DQ35MP Motherboard – 6100/-
  • Intel DQ35JO Motherboard – 6050/-
  • Intel DG965RYCK Motherboard – 6100/-
  • Intel D975XBX2 Motherboard – 6350/-
  • Intel DP35DP Motherboard – 5600/-
  • Intel DX38BT Motherboard – 13200/-


  1. From where i can buy intel cup and mother borad on chipest rate from authorised retailer..

    thanks sir.


  2. Eternal Zeus on
  3. heyy im lookinf to upgrade my PC.
    i hv selected foll:
    1. Intel Q9400 Core 2 Quad Processor
    2. Intel Desktop Board DP45SG
    3. Transcend 2 GB 1300 MHz DDR3 Ram (x2)
    4. 500 GB (32 mb buffer) Sata Seagate Hard Disk

    Pls advice on selection & also update latest price…

  4. Manas,
    Why do u need so fast PC
    Of u really want it then it will be around 45,000….

    for more information contact me…

  5. Avijit Maity on

    From where i can buy the (Intel D945GCNL Motherboard – 3500/-)Motherboards in KOLKATA at above rates??PLEASE CONTACT NO & ADDRESS AT THE SHOP.

  6. sir
    plz tell me allover intel original motherboard prise in jaipur and hw get board in jaipur

  7. Plz,tell me which will b da bst mothrbrds fr intel i7 prcsrs,and the price in kolkata.thnx.

  8. i want a gud quad core processor
    and a supporting motherboard along with 2 gb DDR3 ram.
    how much does it cost?

  9. Hi sir! Kindly give me the perfect and cheap combination of processers and motherboard only of intel with their prices. and where i can find in patna.

  10. I want to buy gud intel duel core processor and with supporting motherboard.can u give me the model no and their prices.

  11. i have intel pentium iii cabinet and pentium 4 power supply box and 250gb new hard disk i have can i add this intel D945GCNLmotherboard plzz suggest me can i add it

  12. Hi plz someone suggest me a motherboard which support ddr3 ram n dual core processor upto Rs 3000

  13. i want to know the price of intel i845G. recently my motherboard has been changed by a shop he took rs 3000 from me.

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