Royal Enfield Electra

Royal Enfield  Electra
Royal Enfield  Electra Price in India – On road Prices

  • Royal Enfield  Electra Price in Delhi – 76,600/- Indian RUpee
  • Royal Enfield  Electra Price in Mumbai – 91,000/- Indian RUpee
  • Royal Enfield  Electra Price in Chennai – 82,700/- Indian Rupee
  • Royal Enfield Electra Price in Kolkata – 83,000/- Indian RUpee
  • Royal Enfield Electra Price in Bangalore – 89,200/- Indian RUpee
  • Royal Enfield Bullet Electra Price in Hyderabad – 94,900/- Indian Rupee
  • Royal Enfield Bullet Electra Price in Pune – 89,200/- Indian Rupee


  1. Hi,

    On road Price of Royal enfield Electra is given as 82,700/- in chennai.

    if i buy the bike in Chennai, could i able to register it in Banglore or Hyderabad. If so, wat would the procedure and extra cost incurred for that?

    could anyone can give the details? Thanks in advance…..

  2. I want to buy Enfield Electra 5S. I have checked for the details with the dealers in Pune as well as in Nashik. They have given me the details along with its on road price. I found that the price, they are telling is not the one that is given here. There is difference of Rs. 10,000 approx. In Nashik, the priice is Rs.1,02,000/-, whereas in Pune, it is Rs. 98,000/-.

    Which one is the real on road price?
    Please guide me.

  3. I love this bike… But am always afraid of its maintenance – specially the mileage.

    Can anyone tell me if it really yields 40 kmpl ???

  4. HI friends i have 2008 model electra 5s with self start and disk the current on road price is 93000/- in delhi
    but as a customer and rider i suggest don’t buy electra the wrost bullet bike till now i recommend go for bullet standerd and modify it with disk and graphics im also selling my electra which is only a year old in just 75000/- im tired of it no fell like a bullet so don’t go witth it

  5. Shashwat Nagar on

    hi.. Sagar.

    I was planning to have Electra.. Can u plz elaborate in breaf which problems u face so as to comment NOT to have Electra.


  6. hi sagar this is nivas iam planing to have electra will u plz tell about milage & which problem ur facing plz.

  7. I am Sameer My dream bike is electra with self starter i h’ve more like that But i ca’nt know any problem with this bike, Sagar which problem u r facing n wt about mileage n maintenence plz inform me!

  8. Hi Sagar. I am planning to buy a Electra with a self starter. Could you please provide the details of the problems you are facing? Also let me know the average of the bike.

  9. hai frnds…… planing 2 get a bullet electra…… it a gud one………….and let me know the average of a milage……………..

  10. What is the Price Range Starting of Royal Enfield Bullet Currently in Dehradun,Delhi,Haryana. If any one can help in this regard

  11. Sudeep Sharma on

    What is the price range of elecra, thunderbird on road in shimla? please help me………………

  12. nikhil sajwan on

    i want to know the on road price of royal infield Electra in silver colour in delhi….plz send me full detail about this bike…as soon as possible ……nikhil

  13. price of bullet 350 is below 80 k in delhi , can i know the actual price as on 25 march 2011.
    Raman Jha , Delhi

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