AMD FX 8-Core Processor Price – Black Edition

AMD FX 8-Core is high-performance processor from AMD with unlocked multiplier (Black Edition) for over-clocking, DirectX 11 HD 6000 series Graphics and new 9-series chipset @ premium price.
AMD FX 8-Core Processor (Black Edition)
AMD FX 8-Core Processor features:

  • Design for gamers and Media Enthusiasts
  • Ultimate gaming and HD entertainment experiences
  • Native 3D support
  • “Scorpius” platform” will feature AMD 9-series chipset motherboards, Radeon HD 6000 Series graphics cards, and upcoming “Zambezi” unlocked, native eight-core processor

AMD FX 8-Core Black Edition CPU Technical Specifications:

  • Processor Speed: Unknown
  • Number of cores: 8
  • Socket: AM3+
  • Chipset: 9-Series
  • AMD Radeon 6000 Series HD Graphics
  • Cache: Unknown
  • Built on 32nm technology

AMD FX 8-Core Processor Price in India – No info available yet. but it will be launched in July-Aug 2011

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