Asus Intel Motherboard Price

Asus P5Q Pro Intel Motherboard

Asus Intel G31 Chipset Motherboard Price:

  • Asus P5KPL AM IN – Rs. 2,100/-
  • Asus P5KPL AM PS – Rs. 2,200/-
  • Asus P5KPL CM – Rs. 2,200/-

Asus Intel Nvidia Chipset Motherboard Price

  • Asus P5N7A-VM (nVidia 9300 Chipset) – Rs. 7,700/-

Asus Intel G41 Chipset Motherboard Price:

  • Asus P5QPL-AM – Rs. 3,800/-

Asus Intel G43 Chipset Motherboard Price:

  • Asus P5QL CM – Rs. 5,400/-
  • Asus P5QL EM PS – Rs. 6,900/-

Asus Intel G45 Chipset Motherboard Price:

  • Asus P5Q-VM – Rs. 7,800/-

Asus Intel P43 Motherboard Price:

  • Asus P5QL Pro – Rs. 6,700/-

Asus Intel X48 Motherboard

Asus Intel P45 Motherboard Price:

  • Asus P5Q – Rs. 8,500/-
  • Asus P5Q Pro – Rs. 9,300/-
  • Asus P5Q – E – Rs. 10,850/-
  • Asus P5Q – Deluxe – Rs. 14,000/-

Asus Intel X48 Motherboard Price:

  • Asus P5E3 – Rs. 25,000
  • Asus P5E Deluxe – Rs. 15,000


  1. Please tell me a ASUS motherboard which is compatible for Intel Celeron D (2.13).

    I am waiting for your reply…

  2. I would like to take Asus P5N7A-VM for Q9642 processor,
    what was the latest price for Asus P5N7A-VM.

    Please send me earlest…

  3. please, suggest me a Asus motherboard for i5 processor. I want to build a gaming pc, but my budget is tight. So i am not in a mood to spend too much money on motherboard because i never overclock processor nor gpu etc. The board i need must support ddr3 ram and have pci express 2.0 slot !
    Thanx in advance.

  4. i need latest price list amd athelon 630 quad core processor
    and amd phenom 9650 processor
    and where it is available in madhya pradesh and in chhattisgarh

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