Computer Processor Price List

Latest AMD, Intel Processor Prices in India

Intel Processor Prices – Latest Intel CPU Price list

  • Intel Core Duo Price– Most Economical Dual core processors from Intel (ideal for office work) built on 65nm manufacturing process
  • Intel Core 2 duo Price – Core 2 duo processors are ideal for Gaming, Multimedia or any intensive multitasking work. New Core 2 duo processors built on 45 manufacturing process with larger L2 cache 6MB and lower power consumption
  • Intel Core 2 Quad Price – Intel Core 2 Quad processors are built on 45nm Intel® Core™ microarchitecture enabling faster, cooler, and quieter mobile and desktop PC and workstation experiences.

AMD Processor Prices – Latest AMD CPU Price list


  1. I want to know today’s prices for Intel Core 2 Duo processors and
    Intel core 2 Quad processors. pl. email me.


  2. as i am interested in assembling the computer. the price list of every part may be furnished to me.

  3. Sreenivasa Reddy on

    I want PC for surf net only, willing to spend upto 4000/- what is the best configuration(CPU and motherboard) i can buy to get best performance. Price mention is for /CPU, motherboard and RAM and Power supply(if possible). please let me now. Thanks.

  4. Sreenivasa Reddy

    Fot surf net at 4000 only
    you can duy this
    ASUS M2V-MX SE Rs.1,500 $30
    AMD Sempron AM2 3000+
    Specs:1.6GHz, 256KB L2 Cache, 800MHz FSB, 90nm, Enhanced 3DNow!,AMD64
    Price: Rs.1,500 $30

    RAM DDR DIMM slots
    Support DDR400/333/266 -512mb Rs 666

    400w Smps Rs 400

  5. i want to assembel my own pc plz send me price quation.i want to use my computer for graphical purpose

  6. I want intel core 2 duo Processor 2.93 ghz price & supported motherboard price intel & MSI chipset

  7. can u plz send me the recent price list of AMD processor in india…

    mostly Sempron..2500+
    AMD processor X2 5200

  8. hello everybody, i need some help…
    i m configuring my desktop…so all i want to know that parts which i require? i want to keep my old 250 gb hard drive…and i ll change other parts.
    so plz let me know that what parts are required to renovate my desktop….excluding hard drive.
    plz reply…….

  9. s i am interested in assembling the computer. the price list of every part may be furnished to me.

  10. Balveer Singh on

    sir i want all cpu desinged by intel and AMD list of price , and cache memory size and speed in Ghz

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