DDR RAM Price List

Latest DDR RAM Prices in India

DDR RAM Price size wise – Check the latest price of DDR RAM and DDR2 Ram in 256MB, 512MB, 1GB and 2GB.

DDR RAM Price by version – New Generation DDR3 memory offers better memory bandwidth in Gaming and multimedia creation or in Animation

DDR RAM Price By Company Wise – Best DDR RAM makers produces best RAM chip for gamers, overclockers and normal users at afforable prices


  1. Very useful information on DDR RAM Price in India. Updating this price list will help us a lot.

  2. I am having 512mb ram in one slot and if i have to put 2gb means…. In the other slot shall I put the 2gb ram with 512 mb? Is it possible can any one help?,,,,,,

  3. Very useful information about all type computer hardwares price.
    Thanks to All……. 🙂

    also i need super computer config for havy rendering perfomance
    can you take information about that

  4. i want to purchase a laptop dell studio 15” can u help me to decide for configuration

  5. Mr. sreenivasan, u can put 2GB ram in another slot, provided ur motherboard supports more than 2GB ram. r else u can put 1GB ram in another slot, total it becomes 1.5GB ram & other ram bus speed shd be same as the existing one. or else synchronization will not be there in both the rams.

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