DVD Writer Price List

DVD Writer
DVD Writer Prices in India – DVD Writers Prices from Manufactures

Sony DVD Writer Price

  • SONY DRU-170C DVD Writer Price – 1300/-

Samsung DVD Writer Price

  • Samsung 22X DVD Writer Sata Price – 1150/-

LG DVD Writer Price

  • Samsung 20X DVD Writer Price – 1100/-

Liteon DVD Writer Price

  • Liteon 20X DVD Writer IDE Price – 1200/-
  • Liteon 20X DVD Writer SATA Price – 1250/-


  1. Hey what about Asu’s DVD writer??? Its the best among all…. NEway good work.. keep it up and best of luck.. “abhish87@yahoo.co.in”

  2. haha these are very high prices!!!lowest wholesale price computer pars being sold at lamington road,mumbai…

    mumbai is the best,delhi is the worst….delhi sucks!

  3. Dear sir,

    i want to purchase LG External DVD Writer Slim.
    pls provide the possible price list.

  4. I copy DVD’s regularly, my first dvd writer was LG(it worked about 2.5 years), then SONY(1.5 years), Now Moser Baer(1 year have passed). The worst DVD writer was sony it showed lots of problems(like if u insert a writed dvd it would show blank, SONY’s blank dvd’s are no doubt the best but DVD writer fails). LG was best writer i have seen, Now i am trying to buy DVD writer of future Blu-Ray but can’t find here in Bhubaneswar. What should i do plz help me… reply soon

  5. can u suggest me which DVD writer is good

    I hava already used the Sony but good for me not mostly used but i hava got repair..
    Even sony servicing is not done the repair bad.. of sony

    IF they dont know how to repair why they creating a new one it is sence less…

    not only that My cam also given they replaced a new one with a change of model(It is too worst then the before)

  6. Tapan Kumar on

    Hi, any one have dvd writer so can sold it anyone , if anyone person sold own dvd writer please contact with my mail…….

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