External TV Tuner Card

External TV Tuner card

External TV Tuner card

External TV Tuner Card Prices – Enjoy pleasure of TV on Laptop and desktop computers with USB External TV Tuner Card. Main advantage is you can watch TV along with internet browsing chatting all at the same time

  • Pixelview Play TV 400 USB (External)- 2150/- Indian Rupee
  • PixelView Play TV 415 USB – 2200/- Indian Rupee
  • Pinnacle PCTV 50e External TV Tuner – 2700/- Indian Rupee
  • Avermedia Tv Box 9 TV Tuner – 7000/- Indian Rupee
  • Tech com TV Tuner Card External – 1400/- Indian Rupee
  • External USB TV Tuner Card Thumb Size with Remote Control – 2250/- Indian Rupee
  • Intex Skyview LCD TV Box – 1400/- Indian Rupee
  • Intex External Box Combo TV Tuner – 1050/- Indian Rupee
  • Intex External Box Expert TV Tuner- 1350/- Indian Rupee


  1. Hi
    I just bought Samsung 19inches LCD, I was using 17inches CRT monitor with which I was using Tech Com company’s external TV Tuner Card now the TV Tuner Card is not working with Samsung LCD.

    It gives the TV picture however it also gives an error message which reads something like “Recommended Optimal settings are 1326*980 please change it to required….” and than screen goes blank however TV sound is still there, is there anyway to fix this problem I tried everything there is no option to increase the resolution via Monitor Menu.


  2. Nishant,

    Hope you resolved your issue by now, but just wanted to share. LCD TV monitors have firmware in it. They are slightly “intelligent” over CRT ones. Your TV signal output is not at high resolution as that of your LCD monitor. You have 2 options. If your TV Tuner Card has capability to increase the resolution, do it. Else, make that change in your LCD monitor.


  3. Hey i purchases a Tv tuner card of Gademi for Rs 800/- which is for CRT and is working fine,has option of switching over from TV to monitor via Remote & can even connect Playstation or DVD Player.

  4. Different Tv tuner cards are availble for CRT and LCD as both have different resolution

  5. is it possible to watch tv by just using external tv tuner card …no need to turn on the cpu?…pls reply asap..

  6. i want an external tv tuner
    through which i watch tv without using cpu and also want to record tv show with cpu. please give me details and price rate.

  7. Nishant,

    there is different tv tunercard for lcd monitor which holds 1440 x 900 resolution which solve your problem,
    buy lcd tv tuner card for your 19 inch lcd monitor

  8. Hi all,
    I am planning to buy an TECHCOM external tv tuner card for lcd monitor…(22” SAMSUNG(2233SW)).hows this card..which is the better one for my monitor…please help me..

  9. l’m uing samsung 2233sw lcd monitor, Nw i’m searcsing for a tv tuner card with 1920*1080 resolution. but i unable to find with mentioned resolution, could u suggest a best LCD TV tuner for my samsung 2233SW lcd monitor in the range of Rs.1000-2000.

  10. i want an external tv tuner
    through which i watch tv without using cpu and also want to record tv show with cpu. please give me details and price rate

  11. Can u give me the Price list of different Tv tuner card suitable for 18.5 inch tft monitor

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