Intel Original Motherboard Price List

Intel Original Motherboard Price list in India: Intel Offers quality, reliability and support with the full spectrum of motherboards for desktop computers, server and workstation. The Intel platform also delivers extreme performance for multi-core enabled game titles, particularly in a multi-tasking environment where simultaneous applications need maximum processing power.

  • Intel D945GCPE Motherboard – 2700/-
  • Intel D945GCNL Motherboard – 3500/-
  • Intel DG31PR Motherboard – 3400/-
  • Intel DG33TL Motherboard – 4950/-
  • Intel DG33FB Motherboard – 4900/-
  • Intel DQ35MP Motherboard – 6100/-
  • Intel DQ35JO Motherboard – 6050/-
  • Intel DG965RYCK Motherboard – 6100/-
  • Intel D975XBX2 Motherboard – 6350/-
  • Intel DP35DP Motherboard – 5600/-
  • Intel DX38BT Motherboard – 13200/-


  1. From where i can buy intel cup and mother borad on chipest rate from authorised retailer..

    thanks sir.


  2. Eternal Zeus on

    er…i want motherboards for C2D below 5K. please tell me. thanks.
    If i get satisfying answers, that person will get a free rapidshare account.
    + EZ +
    reply here:
    submit it on
    april 1st 2009 6.00pm.
    very very thanks again…
    EZ 😉

  3. heyy im lookinf to upgrade my PC.
    i hv selected foll:
    1. Intel Q9400 Core 2 Quad Processor
    2. Intel Desktop Board DP45SG
    3. Transcend 2 GB 1300 MHz DDR3 Ram (x2)
    4. 500 GB (32 mb buffer) Sata Seagate Hard Disk

    Pls advice on selection & also update latest price…

  4. Manas,
    Why do u need so fast PC
    Of u really want it then it will be around 45,000….

    for more information contact me…

  5. Avijit Maity on

    From where i can buy the (Intel D945GCNL Motherboard – 3500/-)Motherboards in KOLKATA at above rates??PLEASE CONTACT NO & ADDRESS AT THE SHOP.

  6. sir
    plz tell me allover intel original motherboard prise in jaipur and hw get board in jaipur

  7. Plz,tell me which will b da bst mothrbrds fr intel i7 prcsrs,and the price in kolkata.thnx.

  8. i want a gud quad core processor
    and a supporting motherboard along with 2 gb DDR3 ram.
    how much does it cost?

  9. Hi sir! Kindly give me the perfect and cheap combination of processers and motherboard only of intel with their prices. and where i can find in patna.

  10. I want to buy gud intel duel core processor and with supporting motherboard.can u give me the model no and their prices.

  11. i have intel pentium iii cabinet and pentium 4 power supply box and 250gb new hard disk i have can i add this intel D945GCNLmotherboard plzz suggest me can i add it

  12. i m used p-D processor and all old configurations, so plze suggest me can i upgrad only my pc wd processor motherboard and ram too, but i don’t want to change any other thing in my pc like smps and cd-rom.
    plze suggest me all this under in 10,000 rupee which can be able to support games also….
    my mail_id is

  13. Hi plz someone suggest me a motherboard which support ddr3 ram n dual core processor upto Rs 3000

  14. i want to know the price of intel i845G. recently my motherboard has been changed by a shop he took rs 3000 from me.

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