Motherboard Price List

Latest Motherboard Prices in India

  • Asus Motherboard Price – Asus offers rock solid stable motherboards for Intel and AMD processors with some unique features and hardware monitoring
  • MSI Motherboard Price – One of the largest motherboard makers offers good motherboards for Intel and AMD processors in economical price
  • Intel Original Motherboard Price – What a combination Intel processor and Intel original Motherboards = Peace of mind

Intel Motherboard Prices

  • Intel 945 Motherboard Price – Offers good performance through high-bandwidth dual-channel DDR2 memory, 1066/800 MHz system bus, PCI Express* x16 graphics port and PCI Express* x1 I/O ports, Serial ATA 3.0 Gbps and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Intel 965 Motherboard Price – Offers better memory performance, responsiveness, power efficiency and data protection, the Intel P965 Express Chipset allows your PC to be the center of home computing, communication, and entertainment.
  • Intel SLi Motherboard Price – Built on Nvidia SLI design offers extreme performance in gaming when you use 2 nvidia graphics card together
  • Intel Crossfire Motherboard Price – Add 2 ATI graphics card and Play all latest game in Full graphic details
  • Intel X48 Motherboard Price – Latest Intel Motherboard for Overclocking and Gaming with ton of new Features

AMD Motherboard Prices

  • AMD 780G Motherboard Prices – Best budget motherboard for AMD processors with best on board graphics card, you can play latest Directx 10 game and supports HD video decode
  • AMD 790FX Motherboard Prices – Meant for serious gamers


  1. I am surprised there is no mention of Gigabyte MB’s. They are pretty good boards and offer more value for money…

  2. ge me the damm whole configration of an afforbable pc…..prize budget12000-16000…………

  3. hi, shabir
    go for
    E5300(2.6,2mb,800) -3300
    gigabyte g31pr -2500
    320 gb seagate -2100
    2gb 800mhz trancend -1800

  4. EVGA is a great manufacturer of motherboards as well as Graphics Cards, Why Don’t you guys include prices of EVGA Motherboards for Core i7…??

  5. hey guys plz suggest me some good gaming pc config,my overall budget for new pc is rs 35000

    awaiting rply

  6. which motherboard and proccessor has less power consumtion. Dual core or next in proccessar.

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