Nintendo WII U Price – New HD Motion Gaming Console

Nintendo WII U is next generation gaming console with new 6.2” inch Touchscreen controller and now supports full high-definition gaming experience @ attractive price.

Wii U
Nintendo WII U Features:

  • New Controller with dual analog sticks, a D-pad, microphone, speakers, accelerometers, gyro, camera and also provides rumble-feedback
  • You can either play game on your HD TV or on Controller (6.2” inch Touch Display)
  • 1080p Video Support with HDMI output

Wii U Gaming Console
Wii U Gaming Titles: New Super Mario, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Darksiders 2, Aliens: Colonial Marine from SAGA, Ghost Recon Online, Dirt from Codemasters,

WII U console technical specification is unknown at this point of time.
Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo WII U Price in India – Launch date next year, April 2012….

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