Luminous Inverter Price

Luminous Inverter Features and Price:

  • Fast Changeover time
  • Surface mounted technology for reliable and compact design
  • Faster Charging
  • Longer battery life
  • Intelligent thermal management
  • Circuit breaker to protect your applinces on high loads
Luminous inverter

Luminous inverter

Luminous Inverter Prices in India

  • Luminous 600VA Inverter Price – Rs.4,000/-  Square wave
  • Luminous 800VA Inverter Price – Rs.4,800/-  Square wave
  • Luminous 800VA Sine Wave Inverter Price – Rs.5,100/-
  • Luminous 1.4 KVA Inverter Price – Rs.6,500/- Sine Wave

Prices are without battery and trolly. You can select range of inverter batteries from Prestolite, Exide, Amaron etc….


  1. Hi ,

    I wanna buy Amaron Inverter, So any body can tel the cost 140 AH Battery and 650 Amp Battery

  2. Raj Kumar Yadav on

    i want to purchase above inverter model so pls contact me early
    Raj kumar Yadav-9971184889




  4. pardeep singh on

    I want to buy a luminous inverter from delhi.Would you like to provide me the name & address in detail of company authorised dealer at hoshiarpur and also give the specifications of battery required for 1.4kva inverter ? waiting for quick response soon.
    thanks & Regards,

  5. Can you pls tell me wher in manglore (Karnataka) i get luminous inverter for above mentioned price.

  6. Khaja M Mohiuddin on

    I want to buy a luminous inverter from Warangal (AP).Would you like to provide me the name & address in detail of company authorized dealer at Warangal (AP) ? waiting for response soon, my cont no. 9989733486.

  7. Dear Sir,
    I want to purchase 800 VA inverter and suitable Battery. Please suggest which brand should I Purchase ,from where in Kolkata and what should be the price?-S.Ray

  8. Luminous is a ultimate brand ,I am using 800 VA LB model inverter from last three years.I am using this inverter as UPS also for my PC.It’s cost saved one UPS price for my PC.

  9. k g m pillai on

    I want to buy one Inverter 800Va with battery please contact me & give me price list .can i get it in hyderabad.
    mob no 09440727905

  10. I m planning to buy new inverter. please suggest me which inverter is better for my requirement. 2 Tubes, 2 fan and 6 computers.
    please tell me which is better for my requirements with price…
    Thanks in Advance…

  11. Hi,i am from Bangalore..I wanted to buy an Inverter or UPS for my office(3 lights,2 fans & 1 PC)..I had a requirement for back up of min 2 hrs,so can any1 suggest if LUMINOUS or any other company is good & which range should I buy.

  12. Hi,I am from Bangalore.I had a requirement for UPS or Inverter which can give me a BACK UP OF MINIMUM 2-3 HRS for my office(3 lights,2 fans,1 PC). Anyone suggest me which range & company(Luminous or others) to buy.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. which invertor is reqired to run laser printer of samsung model scx4300. it’s power is 2.5 empiers ?plz send me details……

  14. wish to buy a small , 350 watt load inverter , of luminous make with battery… am senior citizen… need a good quality and price
    pls send me dealer name in west delhi and price list for my consideration . phone number is 25441117

  15. deepak ahuja on

    I want to buy an inverter for my home .Can anybody suggest me which one to buy?

  16. can you provide me the detials for how long and to what extent lumnious inverters serve a domestic purpose. pls…….

  17. sir,
    can you give me some information and price abut invreter and bty in home porpuse jast one tv,three cfl bulb[15w] and two fans.throug my email.

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