Zero-B Solar Water Purifier Price

Zero-B Solar is non electric, storage type and wall mounted six-stage water purifier with solar intelligence.

Zeo-B Solar

Zero-B Solar Water Purifier Features:

  • 6- stage purification process for 100% clean water
  • Self charging (Solar cell, charged by sunlight or when indoor lights are on)
  • Energized Water tank for energized Water
  • Save space with wall mount
  • Detachable Storage Tank
  • Can connects to home appliances like coffee machine, refrigerator, water cooler, etc.
  • easy to operate
  • User friendly and less maintenance

Zeo-B Solar water purifier

Zero-B Solar Specification

  • Tank capacity: 4 ltrs
  • Solar Intelligence Back-up cell life – minimum 1 yr
  • Under indoor light – min 3 yrs
  • Warranty – 1 year


  1. please give us the cost of all water purifiers.we want to give some water purifiers to some schools in rural areas in india.

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