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Intel Processor Price List

If you are looking for a desktop Intel Processor for gaming, streaming, computing, programming, etc.., here is the price list for all the generation of processors, currently available in India.

Intel 8th gen coffee lake cpu

Intel 8th Generation Desktop Processor codenamed coffee lake, is built on the 14nm manufacturing process. With 8th gen CPU Intel increased the core count on the i7/i5 processor from 4 core to 6 core and i3 series 2 core to 4 core. Hyper-threading is only available with Core i7 series processors.

Intel 8th Generation Processor Features:

  • Increased L3 Cache
  • Turbo Speed improved up to 200 Mhz
  • Increased integrated GPU speed by 50Hz
  • DP 1.2, HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 support
  • DDR4-2666 MHz Dual Channel Memory support
  • HEVC 10-bit encode/decode, VP9 10-bit decode
  • only compatible with 300 series motherboard

Intel 8th generation Coffee Lake Processor Price:

NamePriceBase/Turbo SpeedCore/ThreadsSocketCache (MB)TDP (Watts)
i7-8700k₹ 31,6993.7/4.7 GHz6/12LGA11511295w
i7-8700₹ 26,0003.2/4.6 GHz6/12LGA11511265w
i5-8600k₹ 23,2003.6/4.3 GHz6/6LGA1151995w
i5-8400₹ 13,9502.8/4.0 GHz6/6LGA1151965w
i3-8350k₹ 16,4094.0 GHz4/4LGA1151891w
i3-8100₹ 9,9293.6 GHz4/4LGA1151665w

Intel 7th gen kaby lake processor

Intel 7th Gen Processor Kaby Lake offers minor speed improvement over Skylake 6th generation CPU thanks to increase in base clock speed.

Intel 7th Gen CPU Improvement over previous gen Skylake:

  • Improved base and turbo speed
  • New GPU with support for 4K@60fps/10bit decoding
  • Unlocked i3 Core for overclocking
  • New Pentium processor with Hyper-threading support
  • 16 PCI Express 3.0 lanes
  • New 200 Series Chipset
  • Supports Intel Optane Memory Storage

Intel 7th Gen Kaby Lake Processor Price List:

NamePriceBase/Turbo SpeedCore/ThreadsSocketCache (MB)TDP (Watts)
i7-7700₹ 25,1003.6/4.2 GHz4/8LGA1151865w
i7-7700K₹ 26,0004.2/4.5 GHz4/8LGA1151891w
i5-7600K₹ 19,3203.8/4.2 GHz4/4LGA1151691w
i5-7600T₹ 24,7492.8/3.7 GHz4/4LGA1151635w
i5-7600₹ 17,7973.5/4.1 GHz4/4LGA1151665w
i5-7500₹ 15,7943.4/3.8 GHz4/4LGA1151665w
i5-7400₹ 14,0683.0/3.5 GHz4/4LGA1151665w
i3-7350K₹ 13,4994.2 GHz2/4LGA1151460w
i3-7100₹ 8,5853.9 GHz2/4LGA1151351w

Intel skylake 6th gen cpu

Intel Skylake 6th Gen Processor was launched in August 2015.

Intel Skylake CPU Features:

  • New Architecture
  • New Chipset/Socket
  • DDR-2 Memory Support
  • Increase in clock speed, performance, and power saving over previous gen

Intel 6th generation Skylake Desktop Processor Prices:

NamePriceBase/Turbo SpeedCore/ThreadsSocketCache (MB)TDP (Watts)
i7-6700K₹ 22,3004.0/4.2 GHz4/8LGA1151891w
i7-6700₹ 28,9993.4/4.0 GHz4/8LGA1151865w
i5-6600₹ 17,8993.3/3.9 GHz4/4LGA1151665w
i5-6600K₹ 19,1983.5/3.9 GHz4/4LGA1151691w
i5-6500₹ 12,5003.2/3.6 GHz4/4LGA1151665w
i5-6400₹ 14,2892.7/3.3 GHz4/4LGA1151665w
i3-6300₹ 13,7143.8 GHz2/4LGA1151451w
i3-6100₹ 7,9963.7 GHz2/4LGA1151351w

Intel Skylake-X series processor price:

NamePriceBase/Turbo SpeedCore/ThreadsSocketCache (MB)TDP (Watts)
i9-7900X₹ 62,5004.3/4.5 GHz10/20LGA206614140w
i7-7820X₹ 48,2993.6/4.3 GHz8/16LGA206611140w
i7-7800X₹ 32,8533.5/4.0 GHz6/12LGA20668.25140w
i7-7740X₹ 27,2404.3/4.5 GHz4/8LGA20668112w
i5-7640X₹ 15,9004.0/4.2 GHz4/4LGA20666112w

Intel 5th Generation Broadwell was the first processor built on the 14nm manufacturing process. It succeeded by Skylake.

Intel 4th gen Haswell Processor
Intel Haswell 4th generation Processor was launched in June 2013.

Intel 4th Gen CPU Price List:

NamePriceBase/Turbo SpeedCore/ThreadsSocketCache (MB)TDP (Watts)
i7-4790K₹ 32,7994.0/4.4 GHz4/8LGA1150888w
i7-4770K₹ 32,9993.5/3.9 GHz4/8LGA1150884w
i7-4790₹ 32,9993.6/4.0 GHz4/8LGA1150884w
i5-4670₹ 19,1993.4/3.8 GHz4/4LGA1150684w
i5-4670K₹ 19,6993.4/3.8 GHz4/4LGA1150684w
i5-4690₹ 15,8003.5/3.9 GHz4/4LGA1150684w
i5-4690K₹ 17,9993.5/3.9 GHz4/4LGA1150688w
i5-4460₹ 17,9993.2/3.4 GHz4/4LGA1150684w
i5-4440₹ 18,5553.1/3.3 GHz4/4LGA1150684w
i3-4170₹ 8,8003.7 GHz2/4LGA1150354w
i3-4160₹ 9,0033.6 GHz2/4LGA1150354w
i3-4150₹ 8,8003.5 GHz2/4LGA1150354w
i3-4130₹ 9,9993.4 GHz2/4LGA1150354w

Intel Discontinued, Old generation Processor Price List – these are still available in India.

NamePriceBase/Turbo SpeedCore/ThreadsSocketCache (MB)TDP (Watts)
i5-3220₹ 4,6993.3 GHz2/4LGA1155355w
i7-2700K₹ 26,9993.5/3.9 GHz4/8LGA1155895w
i3-2120₹ 3,7003.3 GHz4/8LGA1155365w
Core2 Quad Q9550₹ 1,5992.38 GHz4LGA7751295w
Core2 Quad Q6600₹ 1,5992.40 GHz4LGA7758105w
Core2 Duo E8500₹ 6753.16 GHz2LGA775665w
Core2 Duo E8400₹ 5503.0 GHz2LGA775665w
Core2 Duo E7500₹ 4102.93 GHz2LGA775365w
Core2 Duo E7200₹ 6772.53 GHz2LGA775365w
Core2 Duo E6750₹ 4902.66 GHz2LGA775265w

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